Prudential ISA

Purpose of this web page

This web page is intended to provide clients and their advisers with information on the costs and charges associated with the Prudential ISA product and to provide advisers with access to certain forms for use with their clients. If you have any queries on its contents please call us on 0344 335 8936.

The Prudential ISA allows clients to invest in the Prudential’s PruFund range of funds and/or the LF Prudential Investment Funds (1) open-ended investment company. The latter is also available for direct investment (i.e. outside the ISA wrapper).

Costs and charges disclosure documentation

Full explanation of what the costs and charges represent.

LFI Costs And Charges Disclosure Explanation (pdf)

Further Information For IFA Re Investor Cost And Charges Disclosure Report (pdf)

LFI Terms Of Business For Authorised Intermediaries (pdf)

LFI Terms Of Business For Regulated Firms (pdf)

Prudential ISA Online Service Terms Of Use (pdf)

Below are some forms which are intended for use by Prudential ISA investors who have invested via the Online Services website and without taking financial advice. These can be used to make changes to your Prudential ISA. If you have any questions please call us on 0344 335 8936. You can find more information on the Prudential ISA on

Terms And Conditions (pdf)

Adding To Or Changing Your Investment Amount (pdf)

Switching Instruction (pdf)

Regular Withdrawal Guide (pdf)

Withdrawal Form (pdf)

Change Of Personal Details (pdf)