Diageo shareholders

Link offer Diageo shareholders two main share dealing services, selling online through www.diageoregistrars.com (Buy & sell shares tab) or at www.linksharedeal.com or over the telephone through a dedicated Diageo Share Dealing line. This service replaces the facility provided by Stocktrade which ceased on the 29th April 2016.

Yes, you can contact Stocktrade on +44 (0) 191 279 7554.

Diageo has a dedicated share dealing line with Link. This number is +44 (0) 371 277 1010 (Calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider. Calls outside the United Kingdom are charged at the applicable international rate) and you will be prompted to select choose which shares you wish to sell.

Diageo ordinary certificated shares.

No, if you are selling online you just use your 11 digit Investor Code (shareholder reference number) and over the phone we will have access to your account via your Investor Code (shareholder reference number).

Share dealing Method Commission Minimum Fee
Certificated Online 1.5% £56.00
Certificated Telephone 1.75% £76.00

As soon as Link have acted upon your instructions and sold shares on your behalf we will provide confirmation. If you deal by phone Link will confirm the trade details during the call and if you are dealing online you will see confirmation of the transaction on screen before you log off. The contract note or sales advice will appear when you login to Link Share Deal via www.diageoregistrars.com (Buy & sell shares tab) or at www.linksharedeal.com and Link will post a contract note to you the business day after the trade takes place.

If you hold a certificate, you have a two working day settlement period (T+2), during this time you would need to sign a CREST transfer form and return with your original share certificates before Link will release any funds.

The Investor Code is an 11 digit long number which would usually begin with a few zeros. This will give the Link agents initial access to your account details.

You will have received confirmation of your investor code (shareholder reference number) in the Introduction communications.

You can also find this information when you login at https://www.diageoregistrars.com or on a recent tax voucher or dividend confirmation.

Alternatively this can be posted to your home address. Please contact Link Group on +44 (0) 371 277 1010 to arrange this.

Yes, if you are selling certificated shares over the telephone we will need you to have them with you to confirm a few details.

Once the shares have been sold (online or telephone) you will then need to return the original copies to Link along with a completed CREST Transfer form, which will be provided to you following trade confirmation.

In order to replace any share certificate, you must sign a letter of indemnity against the original. By signing the letter of indemnity, you are agreeing to cover any financial losses which may arise if the original certificate is found and used to support a sale or transfer in the future.

To apply for a letter of indemnity please call 0371 277 1010 (Calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider. Calls outside the United Kingdom are charged at the applicable international rate. We are open between 8 am – 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England and Wales).

No, you can sell part of your certificated holding providing it would cover the minimum fee for selling. The balance of shares will be issued as a share certificate within 10 – 14 working days from settlement of the trade.

You will be provided with the live share price both over the telephone and online which you would have the choice to accept. Once accepted, your shares will be sold and the deal value or share price cannot be changed.

If you would like to receive proceeds delivered electronically, a bank mandate will need to be set up on your account. This is the same mandate used to pay your dividends.  You can check the current mandate that is held for you or change your mandate by registering with www.diageoregistrars.com. We recommend this as the most secure and time efficient route for delivery of proceeds. This mandate will remain on your account and can be used for all future transactions until you choose to amend or remove it.

If we do not have any bank details for you, sale proceeds will be sent in the form of a cheque to your registered address, first class.

As long as the bank mandate is set up on your account (see above) Link can pay proceeds to you electronically.

Alternatively, if you do not have a mandate on your account, you can request an electronic transfer over the phone to a bank account. You will need to provide us with a bank statement (issued within the last 3 months) confirming the account is registered under the same name and address shown on the register. If this bank statement is not received before the settlement date, a cheque will be issued.

You may be able to use the International Payment Service provided by Link Market Services Limited to request payment in your local currency either direct to your bank account or by bank draft. Please contact us on +44 (0) 371 277 1010 if you require further information about the International Payment Service. This service is NOT available online.

Please note: you will lose the full protection of the UK client money regulations while the proceeds are despatched by our local payment processor.

All our cheques would come out with the names exactly as they appear on the register, unless instructed otherwise with a fee of £9.50 to have the cheque amended before it is produced.

Before you can sell the shares, Link Group require a sealed office copy Grant of Representation or Small Estates Indemnity form when available. For more information, please contact Link Group on +44 (0) 371 277 1010. Once the relevant document has been noted in our records you can arrange to sell the shares by calling Link Group on +44 (0) 371 277 1010.

You can give permission for someone else to trade on your behalf; however, if you want to sell on the phone then you would need to be present so Link can take you through security.

You will need to provide your investor code, full name, full address along with how many shares you hold in order to pass initial security. If you don’t have this information to hand, other questions can be asked to pass security.

We have a limit of £50,000.00 online. Should your sale exceed this value you will be prompted to use the Link telephone share dealing facility.

For certificated shares Link currently only offer a share dealing service for shareholders who reside within the EEA (European Economic Area). If you live outside of the EEA, you would need to contact a local bank or broker.

If you have sold certificated shares, Link will send you a pre-populated Crest transfer form to sign and return along with your share certificate(s). A pre-populated Crest Transfer From will also be available online in the documents section when you login to Link Share Deal via www.diageoregistrars.com (Buy & sell shares tab) or at www.linksharedeal.com.

You may be trying to trade outside of market hours, 8am-4.30pm. If you are still getting a problem you would need to contact the Link helpline on +44 (0) 371 277 1010.

Original share certificates and completed CREST transfer forms should be sent to:

Link Group - Share Dealing
Central Square,
29 Wellington Street,
LS1 4DL.


Risk warning

Remember the price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount that you originally invested.

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